Welcome to Grubbestein

Grubbestein is a beautiful estate, close to the river ‘Maas’. The site consists for a large part of forested riverdunes, and 2 hectares of agricultural land. A part of this agricultural land has been developed into a vegetable garden.

We’d love to welcome you at Grubbestein! You can contribute to sustain and help develop this initiative by volunteering for a couple of weeks, or join in on one of our working weekends. Other than that, we organize activities, but we also like to give other groups and organizations the opportunity of organizing something at Grubbestein to enjoy this wonderful place!

Be sure to check out Jeroen’s Tumblr, filled with all kinds of interesting and fun links and information.

Hope to see you soon,
Filiz and Jeroen

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    In the southeast of the Netherlands, lies a small piece of paradise. Here, at Grubbestein, we'd love to welcome you!

    Browse around and you'll be sure to find something you like to do at this beautiful stretch of land.

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